DOY 200

DOY 200


  • Ideal for Stand up Pouches of various forms and sizes
  • Two simultaneous bags run side by side
  • Dual Bag Magazines, Dual set of suctions cups for picking , opening bags
  • Dual Hoppers for filling two bags at a time.
  • Solid Stainless Steel Structure
  • PLC Controlled machine with touch screen HMI Screen
  • Speeds ranging from 25 – 30 bags/ min
  • Automatically picks the bag from the magazine and open it under the filler
  • 300 pouches holding capacity magazine APPROXIMATELY
  • Bags can be loaded while machine in operation , safe and easy load
  • Multiple bag detection sensors placed at various points of the cycle to ensure correct bag placement and accuracy
  • Auto Stop and Alarm at the event of defected bag detection or misalignment
  • Pouches are removed from the magazine with a unique combination of vacuum and pneumatic actuators. Actuators are rotated to the fill area and opened.
  • During filling pouches are held in place with our POSI HOLD gripper system which allows for heavy weight s and shock loads with our disturbing the position of the bag.
  • Strong pneumatic finger gripping to hold the bag firmly
  • Digitally controlled ribbed or flat constant heat seal bars give an attractive seal to the finished bag.
  • Pouches are sealed in place eliminating wrinkles, folded corners & Mis-aligned seals.
  • Transition bucket receives the product from the filler, opens the mouth of the bag and dispenses the product inside the bag.
  • Sanitary design for easy cleaning.

Product Technical Features

Bag Width: 120mm – 200 mm
Bag Length: 120 mm – 320 mm
Power: 220 Volt , 1 Phase , 15 amps
Air: 15-20 CFM @87 PSI