Features of Doy – Alpha:

  • Capable of Packaging Doy Bag , T – type Doy bag and flat pouches
  • Two Station Pick , Fill and Seal Operation
  • #304 Stainless Steel Full Body Construction
  • Belt Driven Pouch Feeding mechanism
  • Programmable Logic Controller for smooth and synchronized operation
  • State of the Art Touch Screen Human Machine Interface with recipe storage capability
  • Individual Temperature Controllers for each of Horizontal Jaws
  • Mechanical Cams driven by ABB High Tech variable drives for Bag Pulling and Sealing
  • 1 Set of filling hoppers as per customer’s specified Pouch width
  • Availability to pair the machine with any type of product feeding / filling machine
  • Main motors- Top of the High Efficiency Leeson Motors/ Similar Motors
  • Pneumatic – All pneumatic components manufactured by SMC
  • Strong Vacuum Generation pump for supply ample vacuum capability to suction fingers
  • Strong vacuum fingers to hold and move the bag through Filling and Sealing Stations
  • No Bag , No Fill Sensor to avoid spillage
  • Speed of up 40-60 Pouches / min depending on Pouch Size and Fill Weight
  • Pinch and Suction Pouch opening mechanism to ensure Pouch is fully opened while Filling
  • Mechanically driven Pouch pick and move arms for Filling and Top Sealing the Bag
  • Adjustable Filling hopper to ensure filing is performed inside the bag and not from above
  • Double Stations for top heat seal of the filled pouch
  • Bag moving mechanism performed by cam operated Grab ‘n ‘ Slide arms
  • Take away conveyor for finished pouches exit
  • Modular Design for easy troubleshooting and repair
  • 220 Volt , 1 phase , 60 Hz , 5.5 kw
  • Machine Dimensions : 16 ft Wide x 4.5 ft Deep x 6.5 ft Tall


Machine Specifications

Pouch Width: 90 mm – 240 mm
Pouch Height: 110 mm – 320 mm
Packaging Speed: 40- 60 Pouches / min
% of Filling Error: 1-2 %
Pouch Types: Bottom Gusset Stand up w/without Zipper, 3 Side & 4 Side Seal Pouch
Pouch Materials: Laminated OPP/PE, AL, Nylon, MPET , VMPET, CPP etc
Machine Weight: 1600 kg