Orion 14 Head Scale

Orion 14 Head Scale
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Overview :
Orion Series Multi-head Scale is a mid range scale designed for a wide range of products . The 14 Head Orion scale comes in 1.6 liter, 2.5 liter and 5.0 liter bucket sizes. Orion Scales are built as workhorses for round the clock production floors. Weight range can be any where between 50 grams to 2000 grams. The Scale can reach speeds of up to 80 Weighments per minutes. Available in Plain , Dimpled or Teflon coated surfaces.
This scale is an ideal candidate for a wide variety of products such as fresh fruits and vegetables, extruded snacks, pop corn, cheese , wrapped candy , gummy candy ,jelly beans, potato chips , crackers, mini potatoes, baby carrots, frozen foods and small plastic parts and more.

Key Features

Convenient Sanitation
Tool less removal of all product contact parts. Generous Radius on the buckets allow for quick manoeuvring for easy and thorough sanitation . This results in quick product change over and improves efficiency
Bucket Operation:
Orion series scales use super precise and super fast stepper motors. The motors speeds , angles, torques are all highly adjustable making the scale very user friendly and adaptable to a wide variety of products. These motors are designed after years of research in the multi-head scale technology by our Engineers. Buckets ensure there are no leaks on the weigh buckets resulting in precise weights.
Product Detection :
The scale has a wide range sensor that can detect the amount of product which is on the scale to be weighed. It’s very important to have a good flow of product on the scale to achieve high speed and accurate weights. The sensors are specially designed for the this purpose and they regulate the flow of product coming on to the scale from the in-feeding conveyors or shakers.

Linear Vibrators/ Feeders:
Each Head is equipped with an individual Vibrator/ Feeder which has super fast communication with the load cell. The scale is designed to adjust the frequency of the vibrators depending on the flow, density and other characteristics of the product. Super fast communication between the devices enable the scale to achieve optimum precision in weights. Final result is smooth and accurate operation at the speeds operator requires.

Optional Features

Machine Interface  & Diagnostics
The Orion series scales come with 2 user interfaces options . 7 inch and 9 inch LCD screens. The interface comes pre-programmed for a up to 50 different weights for various products. The interface has a self diagnosing feature which helps trouble shoot any operational problems very quickly . The interface allows for :

  • Single Touch Quick Cleaning of the Scale
  • Single Touch Zeroing of all buckets
  • Soft Calibration of the Load Cells
  • Single Touch recipe retrieval
  • Displays product level on the scale on Running Screen
  • On Screen Help Menu

Maximum Reliability :
Orion Series scales offer maximum reliability due to following reasons

  • Solid Stainless Steel Frame Design
  • Fool Proof Mechanical Design with Minimum Maintenance
  • Robust Housing for Stepper Motors , Load Cells and Other Electronics.
  • Advanced , Proven and Reliable Technology Platform
  • High Quality Product Contact Parts
  • Service Manuals and Support

Floor Layout

Technical Specifications

Model Orion-14
Max Cap. (g) 50-800 800-2000
Weighing Accuracy (g) X(0.5) X(0.5)
Max Weighing Speed 120 WPM 80WPM
Hopper Volume 1.6 L 2.5 L
Control Panel 8.4″ LCD Keypad Screen/10.4 Touch Screen
Options Dimple Plate/Timing Hopper/Printer/Rotary Top Cone
Driving System Step Motor
Power Requirements 220V/1500W/50/60Hz/10A
Packing Dimensions (mm) 1680 (L)x1182 (W)x1268 (H)
Gross WGT 490Kg